Ahead of the upcoming swimming competition, 11-year-old Ziggy discovers something that’s happening to his body. A transformation that makes him want to hide.

Title: FREAK
Format: Short film
Genre: Horror Drama
Duration: 7 min
Dialogue: Swedish

With Loke Hellberg, Matez Garci and Lola Zakow

Director: Dawid Ullgren
Script: Amanda Högberg and Ebba Stymne
Producer: Amna Maksumic and Lova Lilliemarck
DoP: Nea Asphäll
Editing: Marte Aasen and Christina Eriksson
Sound Design: Theodora Flygt and Anders Lindahl
SFX: Terje Rødsjø
Music: Artur Sommerfeld
Graphic Design: Miriam Renting

Produced by Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
In Co-Production with Dagsljus Film Equipment