Ania and Tomek are half-siblings that grew up in different places- Western and Eastern Europe. Ania hopes to reconnect with her brother when he decides to visit her in Sweden, but Tomek has his own secret agenda.

Title: Half Brother
Format: Short film
Genre: Drama
Duration: 14 min
Dialogue: English, Swedish, Polish

With Carla Sehn and Kola Krauze

Director: Yana Martsynkevych
Script: Amanda Högberg
Producer: Amna Maksumic
DoP: Milja Rossi
Editing: Christina Eriksson
Sound Design: Alexander Berggren and Jonathan Dakers
Styling: Frida Gabre
Set Designer: Johanna Hägnestrand
Make: Camilla Brandsledt
Music: Josefine Lindstrand

Produced by Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts